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Recovery Studio Spa


Infrared Light Therapy


DESCRIPTION: Infrared is a light wave that has the ability to penetrate deep into your body, releasing toxins stored at a cellular level. Our private cabins combine infrared technology with heat panels set between 150-175º. As your body heats, you purge stored toxins from your sweat glands, allowing for a deep release.

Benefits include detoxification, muscle recovery, pain relief, reduced inflammation, decreased cortisol, expelled free radicals, weight loss, improved mental clarity, increased energy, improved metabolic function, and so much more.


DURATION: 45 minutes


PRICE: $40 (or cheaper with a punch card or membership)


AMENITIES: Private cabin + Towel Service + Chromotherapy + Bluetooth Connectivity + Shower Room + Recovery Sand Room

Red Light Therapy

DESCRIPTION: Take your healing journey to the next level with the addition of red light therapy.

+ reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
+ improve rosacea and acne
+ reverse effects of sun damage
+ promote hair growth
+ increase the production of vitamin D
+ enhance cellular function
+ support greater balance and energy efficiency
+ improve sleep patterns
+ reduce inflammation
+ recover from injury or illness faster


DURATION: 30 minutes


PRICING: $20 (or $15 if you add it to your existing infrared sauna session)
Purchase a punch card or membership to save!


AMENITIES: Bluetooth Connectivity + Recovery Sand Room + Shower Room

Body Contouring

DESCRIPTION: Using a combination of radio-frequency and ultrasonic waves, our Body Contouring machine, also known as Ultrasonic Cavitation, stimulates collagen production, shrinks contents of fat cells, and boosts elastin. It’s great for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, scar minimization, and to lose inches off of stubborn areas. We combine this technology with a fantastic set of products found in the BioSlimming Line that we apply in a wrap, providing a overall 60-minute treatment that sees lasting results.

Book a free consultation so we can develop a plan that is right for you!


DURATION: 1 hour


PRICE: $150 for a single session; $785 for five sessions; $1400 for ten sessions


POTENTIAL UPGRADES: CBD + Essential Oil Protocol + Reflexology + Dry-Brushing

Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy

DESCRIPTION: Your lymphatic system helps your body with fluid retention, detoxification, weight loss, and immune response. Since it doesn’t have its own pumping mechanism, the lymphatic system is known to get bogged down, leading to fatigue, increased illness, slow recovery times, and inflammation. Our Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy Machine gently squeezes your legs, arms, and stomach, stimulating the lymph and providing overall body restoration.

DURATION: 45 minutes

PRICING: $40 (or cheaper with a punch card or membership)

AMENITIES: Bluetooth Connectivity + Personal 32” TV Access + Shower Room + Recovery Sand Room

Bioresonance Frequency Therapy

DESCRIPTION: Our bodies are introduced to countless frequencies regularly. Using a Healy device, we can scan your body for the frequencies you crave for healing and restoration. From there, we introduce the frequencies via electrodes placed on your wrists. The capabilities are endless. Use this service to improve your sleep, manage your emotions, improve your digestive system, detox your body, etc. We combine this technology with therapeutic sound therapy for an incredible symbiotic experience.


DURATION: 45 minutes


PRICING: $40 (or cheaper with a punchcard or membership)


AMENITIES: Bluetooth Connectivity + Personal 32” TV Access + Recovery Sand Room + Shower Room

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