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Reconnect With Your Heart, Body + Purpose

We will focus on heart-opening outdoor exercises done in the morning for reflection and emotional release, chakra clearing to let go of the past and tapping into self-love for total confidence, and meditations to intentionally create the future by answering the questions: “Who Am I?” “What do I really want?” “What is the purpose of my life?” You’ll learn how to raise your awareness and become fully present to your body throughout the training. You’ll free yourself from stagnant memories and experience the benefits of a harmonized body, a fully opened heart, and you, at your highest level of consciousness.

Nature Hike & Picnic Retreat

Meditation + Reflection

We start the day with a morning sun meditation for envisioning the future. Next, we move to vision planning and exploring self before wrapping up the retreat program.

Activities Include:

Open heart Chakra Exercises

Reflection Meditation

Chakra Activation Session

Body Mind Connect

Herbal Medicine Workshop

Sound Therapy

Crystal Healing Workshop

Heal Emotionally wit Sound

Soul Empowerment Session

Qigong Energy Movement

Nature meditation 

Yoga Session

Receive a 30 Minute Massage in the Mountains!

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lunch Provided!'


Trust Yourself

Find Strength and confidence with in

Love Compassion for self and others

Attain Ultimate Peace Within

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